happy father’s day dada!


HoneyLike being a new mom, I know how it feels adjusting to a new role as a dad to Psalm. It makes you happy I know,  though its not easy. You don’t know it but I sneak a peek whenever its my time to work in the morning and hear you and Psalm play around. I admire your energy and enthusiasm whenever you start a game with her, things I really lack or probably don’t have. You know that I will just read with her or watch a video with her, but cannot run with her most of the time. That’s the lazy mommy in me 🙂

I also want to congratulate you for being in the world of  “work-at-home-parents,” and it makes me relieved every time I think of it as something you really considered and embraced. That is aside from our very own “no-yaya-policy” not because we are trying to be superheroes, but simply because we can’t find one and we think we don’t need one yet.  It’s also a good period for us to enjoy our being family. I praise God now that I think we are adjusting well to these new roles we have.

You’re doing very well. I assure you. I want to say sorry for my moods and for the times when it seems I don’t appreciate what you do for us. Believe me, I do. At times  its  just my wrong way of reminding you that I need your attention as my husband. I guess its one of my childish ways.

Now I understand the impact of a father to a child. Psalm is  attentive whenever you teach her new things. She easily remembers what you say, and seems always amazed by you. She believes what you say.  She wants you to embrace her until she gets sleep whenever she gets scared at night .

Happy Father’s Day Dada. You are doing great as a dad, and I will say that for our daughter for now. I’m sure she will say that when she grows up. Please don’t forget she’s just turning 2 and still cannot understand a lot of things. Pls. don’t be in a rush to discipline her though most of the time you’re the one teaching her how to be “naughty”, (haha!)

Remember that you will always be a Honey to me. I just need to call you Dada, cause Psalm has been calling you “honey” lately. 🙂 I will always be your partner in this journey we have. Let’s enjoy your day.


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