a tale of a work-at-home mom

Yes, I’m a work-at-home mom. I wake up anytime I want to, or anytime my baby wants to and our day starts that way. I have my breakfast without being in a rush and  while watching TV sometimes. I get to do my chores early in the morning, and play with my daughter in between. I work part-time for now so my work starts in the afternoon or I start doing things for work while my baby is taking her naps. I’m working  in my most comfortable clothes, and even when I don’t  comb my her during the day. It has its perks especially when you are in a place where having a nanny is expensive, while sending my baby to a Day Care is not a personal choice.

I’m thankful for this option given to me being a new mom as I get to spend my day with my baby, and earn at the same time. This for me is another blessing and part of God’s plans. I remember when I was so stressed out with my last 9-to-5 job and my husband challenged me to be faithful when asking God to give me an opportunity to work from home. It is actually an answered prayer that I didn’t know would be part of another answered prayer. Little did I know that God was planning to give us a baby at that time ’cause I got pregnant a month after working remotely, and had a difficult pregnancy during my first trimester.

Still, like any situation, working at home has its challenges. One is doing 2 roles at the same time. I’m a mom, and I’m also an employee. My “virtual boss” has high expectations of me in accomplishing our goals, while I have to attend to my baby’s needs even while working. As simple as being cuddled is a child’s need and giving enough attention to my daughter is so important to me. You don’t have co-workers, and this also something that you miss in your “social life.” But hey, with the social media generation, friends are a becoming a lot virtual too! 🙂 So this is not really an issue for someone like me.  Most of all, spending a lot of time with my baby is another reason to be happy working at home. We have a lot of quality time and “quantity” time which for me is equally important as the first.

I admire a lot of moms who manage to take care of their  kids while working be it at home or in a traditional set up of being in a corporate or anywhere else. I would also encourage those who are interested to be in this venture to try your best in finding opportunities for you or even consider this option. Just be careful of the scams out there. Remember that you don’t have to pay anything even as “initial” one and not necessarily be a “networking” thing. It is really an official job for a person or a company and you’re just working remotely.

So, go and check out websites such as Odesk and Elance and know your niche from different opportunities working at home. You’ll be surprised to see a lot of companies now hiring in this type of set up. If you think of it you can work anywhere in the world which makes me happy as well. There are  a lot more  places I would want to see and I won’t be threatened of losing my job in doing so. God is so good. 🙂

I’m not closing my doors too. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go back to corporate still, maybe not. Let’s see.


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