An open letter shared on my daughter’s dedication…

dear psalm

Dear Psalm,

We almost thought we won’t have you. We have decided to surrender to the Lord, and made ourselves ready of getting old together without having you.  Don’t get us wrong. We prayed hard for you. I as your mom cried out to God asking Him why He can’t answer my prayer of having a child while He can give it to the rest. You’re Dad and I were talking about adoption already as an option, not that serious though as it’s a different story.

Today is December 1st and a year ago, this is the same day when we’ve found out we are having you.  It is the day when one of our most important prayers was answered.  God is so good that He allowed us to be your parents, and finally my dream of naming my daughter “Psalm” happened.

We love your name. Not only because it’s from the bible, but also because it means “song.” It was David’s expression of His love to the Father, whether his joyful, having sorrow or at peace. Book of Psalms is an expression of love, while Elise means “dedicated to God.”

You’re turning 4 months in few more days. You’re growing so fast, and now doing a lot of new things in that short period of time. One of the things that your Dad, Momsie and I are so thankful for is you being a “happy baby.” The first thing that you do waking up in the morning is to SMILE even before crying for milk. You smile to almost everybody, and that makes you unique as well. Young Mi said she has never seen a baby who smiles as often as you do, while when I told Pastor Jason that you’re a happy baby, what he said was…”it goes by her name.” Another thing that makes me so happy is hearing you giggle, and when you sing with me when I put you to sleep.  Maybe you will be a worship song leader someday. We’ll see.

We praise God for you. You are His expression of His love for us. An answer to a prayer.  A testimony of our faith.  One of our most favorite bible verses is Psalm 37:4. It says to “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give the desires of your heart.” Our experience of having you makes this verse more powerful in our lives.

We want be the best parents for you that God wants us to be. We have just started learning to be one, so please bear with us. You’re Dad and I were so used to just having each other for some time, and we’re still in a period of adjustment. I tell you it’s not easy, but it makes us happy.

Every parent has big dreams for their child. We would say for sure we have huge one’s for you, but for now we just want to enjoy having you. We’re so excited seeing you crawl, talk and walk soon. Our greatest desire is for you to have a relationship with the Lord when you surrender your life to Him. We want Him to be your first love.

We want to thank Pastor Jason for leading your dedication, Momsie,  and your Godparents and our friends who are here today.  Truly they all love you for being with us in this special event. Time will come when we will tell you more about this day. For now, let’s enjoy and celebrate.


Dad & Mom


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  1. Thank-you for sharing this testimony it is more beautiful than any poem I could every write. Psalm, Our Abba shall be your cloud of protection by day that stands between you and the heat of the devil. Abba Shall be your wall of fire that keeps death and cold heart of hatred from your night, Amen. James

    1. Thank you for your comment James. What you said is heart-warming. You prayer for Psalm will bless her for the rest of her life. Men of One Accord is an inspiration to blog more, and to share Christ’s love. Bless you! Grace

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