It’s not a place, nor a sacred building for me.  It is where I go when life is offering changes, pressure, sadness, joy and bliss. Yes, I’m a human being with emotions and vulnerable to whatever feeling one can  have. I have learned though and still learning that I can live beyond my feelings. That life is not all about emotions and what you feel. That you can control your emotions, and it goes with you when make decisions. Not the other way around. Mariah Carey insisted that “You’ve got to feel emotions!” but it’s not all that there is.

It is when I pause and miss my Father. It is when I want to soak in His presence in different ways I can imagine. I even made an email address as “” and writes to it once in awhile especially when confusion in making decisions takes place.  To count it all, I only have 4 emails to date to that email address in 1 year, and when I look back to each email I made, I am amazed by how answers and revelations were given to me afterwards.  I’m not even aware yet that I already had Psalm when I was doing my first letter, and was asking for a revelation when a week after I’ve found out that He answered one of my prayers.  Truly Jesus is reading my letters! He has time to do that for me who is unworthy of that attention and yet He shows me that I am 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about some kind of a “chain letter” or any superstitious thing that you have to do for you to have answers to your prayers. I’m simply talking about one of the ways I spend time with the Lord in this busy life when I want to pour out what’s in my heart to Him. It is a time when I know that I can tell Him everything and just be myself in sharing my thoughts and what I feel.  A time when I lay down everything in His throne, and cry or laugh out loud too 🙂

It is my Sanctuary. Something that’s mine. It is for free. An unlimited access to my Father, Brother and Friend.

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