I almost thought that I’d be pregnant forever when finally the day for me to give birth came. An answered prayer that an obvious sign for me to head to the hospital was given when I had a blood-show, and it was at 2 in the morning. Imagine how sleepy my support team were (mom and Neo) when I told them its time for us to go to the hospital(LOL!) I started to have labor pains as soon as I started to be under observation, but I wasn’t sure still if I was having contractions as the pains were tolerable. The nurse even asked me when she checked the monitor, “Are you feeling these contractions?” which I wasn’t feeling that strong, and answered “no.” Didn’t know how challenging the next hours would be as I was in labor for the next 10 hours. In those hours, pains were getting stronger, but my cervix was not opening as expected. As a first-timer, I had an induced labor (on top of my body’s own labor process), an epidural (to ease the pain when you go through a normal delivery), and finally, had an anesthesia (as the doctor decided to recommend a C-Section delivery for me) to finally give birth.

God is so good that He has perfect timing for everything. My doctor was so cool about everything, and when he decided to suggest a CS delivery, it was right on time as my baby’s neck was trapped in my umbilical cord. She already pooped too, and praise God she didn’t eat any of it which could be more dangerous.

Going through all those procedure is something I won’t forget most probably because of the pains that I had to go through. I should say I had a 3-in-1 experience with my first born 😀 But beyond the pains,  it is an experience that a new mother like me will always remember.  I was not really expecting to have a C-Section delivery, and it was a different feeling when you know that you are going through a major operation. Neo was with me inside the OR, who’s obviously excited, and comforting at the same time. This made me relaxed plus  the fact that  the operation was quick and done in 15-20 minutes. My heart leaped with excitement the first time I heard our baby cried,  as the time to meet her finally came. It is true indeed, that you would have tears of joy as soon as you see or hear your baby.

I should say that everything was part of my experience as a first time mom. Since then everything happened naturally, though not all were easy, and there’s something new to learn every day. I was thinking that I’m almost ready for this new stage reading topics like labor, giving birth, postpartum experiences and expectations while waiting to give birth. But like most of the things in life, there are things that can be learned only through experience.

Giving the details of my experiences with baby Psalm in our first 5-weeks together is another story…another blog entry most probably. There’d be more stories to share too as me and her dad have just started this life-changing journey.  And yes..it is a 180-degree-turn of  life as everything will never be the same since Psalm came into our lives. As her name says, she is a “song” that we’d always love to hear..and a new song that we’re learning. Another reason to be grateful everyday.

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