when love rains, it pours!

I’ve never been so happy in my life experiencing being pregnant and surrounded by people you truly love, and truly loves you back. I’m thankful enough having my mom with me in this last phase of my pregnancy, and it makes me feel that the rest of my family is with me. Extra thankful too for Neo’s love and support in this life-changing stage of becoming a mom.

Two weeks ago a baby shower was organized for me, and all I can say is it’s so fun! Family friends are there, and most of my loving friends showed their support by organizing it through games which made everyone happy. “Pinoy Henyo” game was so fun and it became more fun since most of the participants of the game are not really familiar with it (Lol!). It’s also a baby shower where there are kids who participated in the games which was so cool!

Thankful too for my BFF Jen and her husband Gilbert for coming all the way from their place which is 8 hours away back and forth, coming that day to visit me, attend my shower and drive back home.

Love was really expressed that day. It didn’t even end there when other friends who were not able to make it was so eager to see and visit me at home giving their gifts for my baby. I was thinking that they can always see me after giving birth, but they really wanted to show their love for me, which they did and I truly appreciate it. I know how busy they are and they still found time to drop by.

I am so sure that the rest of the family and old friends are also eager to show their love and excitement for me and for my baby who is coming so soon. I miss them too and I cannot be thankful enough for the love that was shown and expressed to me making me more excited to see our bundle of joy. My boss is so loving too expressing her support in my maternity leave, excited for my giving birth and really wants me to come back to work whenever I’m ready.

Oh God, I can’t thank You enough for inventing the word LOVE. It came from You, expressed by You, through us, and also given back to us. I’ll forever praise you for this, and will always be reminded of finding ways of showing how much you love me, by loving people….and of course, loving even those who are not so easy to love. This is one of the many things that Jesus taught us through His life on earth, and will continue to teach us until we learn the real meaning of love.

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