it’s not about me.

Yes, this blog site is not all about me. I’m so excited that finally I have started a blog of my own which I should have done way back. I remember how I used to write my thoughts daily about anything and saving it in an MS Word file talking about living and loving. That was a time when the word “blogging” was not yet invented. I realized that I was doing this a lot before, as I’ve always been a frustrated writer. I told myself that it’s a second profession I would love to be in, and thank God you can always be one as long as it’s in your heart to do so.

Expressing my thoughts is not the only purpose of having GLIMPSE. Like what it says, it’s “a LOVE story of HIS glory.” This is the best way for me to share my love story with my beloved who paid a price for me through the CROSS.  I’ve been in love with Him, and it’s about time to share who He is in my life. I know I’m not a talker, but since I’m a writer, I can share my relationship with Jesus through this blog.

Let me tell you some things about me.  I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Lord’s worshiper, and as God’s gift to me, I’ll be a mom very soon 🙂 My baby who’s in my tummy is also my inspiration in starting this blog ’cause I want her to read my thoughts and experiences with our Father someday.

I’m more of an introvert, and a listener, than a talker. I love making people laugh, which is somewhat contradicting to my being an introvert. I’m still learning on how to be a loving wife to my husband Neo, and I know it’s never ending plus I’ll be learning soon on how to be a loving mom. I sing for Him, and this is the first ministry He entrusted me in making Him known.

I love eating and trying out new restaurants. I would rather be on a date with Neo, with a family, or a friend dining-out, than shopping. Yes, that’s true! I’m kinda moody in buying things, and I’m impatient shopping long hours, which is not a typical of a girl. My family is so important to me, and getting in touched with them is part of my top priorities. I’m in love with my nephews, and seeing their pictures makes my day.

I value my friendship with my long time friends, and sisters in faith. It’s really an effort especially if you’re miles away from them. I’ve lost some too for some  unknown reasons, but God has led me to meet new ones too whom I value my relationship with so much even if I’ve just known them few years ago.

I’m a Recruiter and will always be one. It’s my first ever job after school, and the Lord has His ways of putting me back in this field. I’ve always thought that it’s really my purpose to be in this field helping people finding their jobs. See? God is concerned in every aspect of our lives, that even this became a stressful job for me for some time,  He made me understand that He wants to use me through this profession.

So, this is not about me (haha!), but I’m just letting you know who I am and who my Father is in my life.

Enjoy reading, and more to come!

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